33 BREWING EXP. - Wolf Landbier - 33B-EXP.027.MKVII

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33 BREWING EXP. - Wolf Landbier - 33B-EXP.027.MKVII
  • 33 BREWING EXP. - Wolf Landbier - 33B-EXP.027.MKVII
  • Rustic, Crisp, Dope
  • Style: German Landbier style house lager
  • Alcohol: 4.8% ABV
  • Colour: Deep Gold
  • Bitterness: 35 IBU
  • Aroma: Fresh alfalfa, faint tangerine and whole wheat bread.
  • Flavour: Lightly toasted sourdough, sun warmed oranges and the memory of your first summer crush.
  • Finish: Light and minerally with a bitter snap that fades to sweet malt.
  • Ingredients: Malt:  Pilsner Malt - Hops: Saaz, Styrian Wolf - Yeast: German Lager
  • Additional Notes: 
    • Landbier means “country beer”, a term Franconian breweries use for a lager that is unique to its location. While no two breweries landbiers are the same, ours uses the 33 Brewing Experiment lager yeast, was patiently lagered, conditioned in our oak tank, Foeder #1 for several weeks and dryhopped with Slovenian Wolf. It is truly special.
    • To drink this beer is to be transported to a freshly cut field of late Summer hay in Southern Germany, while eating a country loaf with marmalade and a little fresh cheese. 


        33 Brewing Experiment (307923)
        25 W 8th Ave
        Vancouver, BC
        V5Y 1M8



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