33 BREWING EXP. - BC Cranberry Sour - 33B-EXP.009.MKii

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33 BREWING EXP. - BC Cranberry Sour - 33B-EXP.009.MKii
    • Tart, Blush, Bright
    • 750ml
    • Alcohol: 6.1% ABV 
    • Colour: Brilliant Fuschia
    • Aroma: Tart and saucy with late harvest berry, pineapple and lemon.
    • Flavour:
    • Bright acidity with complex layers of cranberry, lingonberry and juicy, red currant and huckleberry.
    • Additional Notes: Brewed with barley, wheat and spelt and fermented with a special mixed culture in oak Foeder #3 this beer was refermented on BC sourced cranberries for a delicate berry character and complex acidity. 

    33 Brewing Experiment (307923)
    25 W 8th Ave
    Vancouver, BC
    V5Y 1M8




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